Born and raised in Hartford, CT Ashle has always been surrounded by music. Her mother, Lisa Adams, always made sure that they were active in church, and it was there, her love of singing began. After moving to DE at 13 years old, Ashle really began to focus on singing. While also playing the violin and learning to play the piano, she has always had the desire to express herself through music. Fast forwarding through the years, the Lord has truly allowed her gifts to make room for her. From beginning to perform in college, to writing and composing music, God has always ordered her steps and aligned them with music. Ashle met her husband, Lawrence, while attending college. They married and two years later, God blessed them with a son. It was at this time, due to pregnancy hormones, that Ashle completely lost her voice. This was a very depressing time in her life. She went from singing every day, to not being able to sing a note. But the Lord used those two years of Ashle’s life to teach valuable lessons. Her Bishop, Joseph N. Roberts Jr., still made her lead praise and worship every Sunday. She was still called upon to sing while fellowshipping with other churches. This was humiliating for Ashle but it was also a time of great humility. She learned that talents and gifts could not replace the anointing of God. He showed her that even the worst of voices could be used to usher people into the presence of God. Looking back, Ashle truly glorifies God for the process that has gotten her to this place.

Releasing this single means more than great music and pretty pictures. It is a culmination of 30 years of tests and trials. It’s a “coming together” of the will of God for Ashle’s life. It’s a reminder that the Lord heard every prayer and saw every tear. It is a realization of the provision given for her purpose and every believer’s purpose: to compel people to Christ and establish the Kingdom of God in the earth. A simple thank you just won’t do, but a lifetime of service and dedication to the Lord, by loving His people and creation is what Ashle aspires to.

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