From jumping out of planes to jumping off of stages, Young Saint definitely knows how to get an event “Jumping!”  Bryan Carter, better known as “Young Saint,” was born March 28, 1989 and grew up in Fayetteville, NC.  He was taught at a very young age to trust in God,  but throughout his life journey, strayed away from those teachings. But with a strong Christian foundation, and through the art form of music, Young Saint rededicated his life’s purpose back to God… seeking to help build God’s Kingdom.

Young Saint strives to resonate with the mind and hearts of his listeners. Today’s music portrays to our younger generation that money, cars and clothes are the indicators of success. This is publicly expressed through explicit lyrics and degrading acts towards women.  He vows to take the world’s negative concepts and turn them around. Through his music, he uplifts and inspires all,  young and old. With each song, there is lyrical content broken down so that the young can understand and partake, but meaty enough for “seasoned” listener to take away something as well.  His vision is bigger than just Gospel Rap, but to help equip his listeners with tools to push towards the mark.  His desire is to challenge people to look inward to begin the process of change.

June 10, 2014, he released his debut album entitled “Favor Ain’t Fair,” and is continuing to promote it worldwide.  He has shared the stage with many well known Artists around the world, and is striving every day to learn more about the music business to better himself as a professional. God is continuing to take him to new heights in his Ministry. He loves the youth, and feels that with his platform, it is important to say or do something that will change their lives for the better, as well as those around them.  He is the winner of the “NCGAG” (North Carolina Gospel Announcers Guild) and the “Prestige Christian Hip Hop Artist of the year” for 2012.  He went on to the win the “Gospel Blue M.I.C. Christian Hip Hop Artist of the year Award” for the region of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina in 2013. He was nominated for “Durham Bull City Awards for 2013”.  He is currently nominated for a “2014 Rhythm of Gospel Award” in 4 categories and also the “2014 Gospel Blue M.I.C. for Christian Hip Hop Artist of the Year”.

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