Rarely do we find an artist who is able to capture the minds of a warm-hearted churchgoer and a cold-hearted criminal all in one breath. Or challenge the status quo by speaking the righteous truth. When last has an M.C. ran up against politics with a verse that makes everyone think about true love as a path of peace? Or Have you ever heard a flow that can soothe the broken-hearted while cutting down evil with the love of God?

Meet RiZ-RoB. RiZ-RoB was born in Brooklyn & raised in South Jamaica Queens. His single mother (also a musical artist) had two children. For RiZ-RoB life with a single parent and a disabled sister was difficult. But it was the rawness of his life and his mother’s strict and spiritual upbringing that helped fashion RiZ-RoB into the “razor-sharp” man he is today.

Loosing his mother at 17 years-old, was a wake up call for RiZ-RoB who had been lost on a path of crime and drugs by that time. RiZ-RoB began looking for outlets to deal with his pain and grief and he naturally turned to his first love, MUSIC. Writing music daily became an exercise which helped him deal with his emotions as well as helped him to learn more about life and his faith.

Currently, RIZEN is working with many different producers such as Joe Josh from Brooklyn, Kings Of Culture from Albany NY, Auditory Productions from out of L.A, & Art & Life Productions from Queens NY, who’s worked with the likes of Beyonce’,Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, as well as a host of others in the music industry. RiZ-RoB also has worked with other up and coming producers stretching from New Jersey all the way to Atlanta.

After about a year of writing for the Art & Life Productions label RiZ-RoB began recording his demo as their front artist, which was very well-received by the music industry. However, while in the process of finishing his demo, RiZ-RoB was involved in a near fatal car accident. Three months following his accident, his sister unexpectedly died. It would take 8-10 months for his full recovery and healing to begin to take place and RiZ-RoB fell into a deep depression.

By the Grace of God and with the support of his family and friends RiZ-RoB released his debut project “The New Testament” and regained his intensity for music and spreading the Gospel. After previously teaming up with DIGIWAXX promotional team RiZ-RoB had experienced an explosion of interest from Dj’s around the world.

RiZ-RoB now has his own publishing company, EBONY’S WORDS (SESAC) named after his deceased sister and also an independent music group called, Righteous Rhythms music.

Since 2009 RiZ-RoB has been performing and testifing what God has been doing with his life and career. RiZ-RoB has released multiple projects such as his current mixtape “Ghetto Gospel” and he has been ministering to youth at functions like The New Jersey Summer Fest Tour, Naomi AME Zion Church in Brooklyn, Annual Black & White Affair, Everlasting Salvation Ministries, among others. RiZ-RoB has also been busy making regular appearances at local venues such as True Worship Church in Brooklyn & Obedience & Authorities Ministries in the Bronx. RiZ-RoB is also currently partnering with his DJ/Engineer, Dj Remarkable, on a live radio show through the Ruff Ryder camp on their internet radio station ruffryderradio.com. RiZ-RoB was currently on tour with “The Rock The Block” organization this past summer. RiZ is also working on his first album titled “My Name Don’t Matter” with some big features on it dropping later this year. He is also working on his newest mixtape titled “Ghetto Gospel” volume 2 which will be available for free download sometime this year as well.

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