Coretta is a psalmist, praise and worship leader, songwriter, and author. She loves to sing with all her heart. Coretta was born in Waukegan, IL. She was raised in her grandfather’s church, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church where she was set aside and blessed to start singing at 3 years old. Her family is blessed with singers and musicians, however Coretta holds her own love, passion, and purpose for singing.

Coretta released her first single entitled Freedom as of February 2012. This single shows the gratitude of her heart, the voice of liberation, and her jazzy fun side. Coretta keeps a dare to be different attitude to inspire the world, and bring confidence to anyone to cross any obstacle in life with the help of God. As she continued to work hard, her freshman CD entitled Freedom was released August 30, 2012 and she is an author of a book of quotes, inspirational thoughts, and good conversation starters entitled Food for Thought. She gives inspirational segments entitled “Live Free Chat” on E-Word Radio ( Coretta released her new single“Mighty God” in May 2016 with HopeTown Productions. This song shows her passion for praise and worship. She is a four-time nominee and 2013 award winner “Contemporary Song of the Year” for The Rhythm of Gospel Awards and the National & Independent Gospel Music Association.

Coretta is married to Pastor Marvin McQueen II, of First Missionary Baptist Church of Jacksonville Beach, FL ( They have 3 beautiful children, Marvin III, Sean, and Cianna. Coretta vows she will continue to inspire, encourage, and effect positive change everywhere she goes. Her personal motto is inspired from 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “Always remain thankful no matter what.”

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