On the night of May 9, 2009… A star fell from the sky and a child of
God was re-born.  No longer bound by enslaving wounds or misleading
dreams, the dream child formerly known as F’Lana Star and superhero
wife and mom, Mrs. FaLawna Barton just wants to be known as….“F’Lana“
.Born in Augusta, GA, F’Lana was raised in the church, singing for the
choir. At the ambitious age of 12, she immediately began to cultivate
her musical gifts by singing and creating unique arrangements for
local artists. Her tremendous credits include a solo career with an
independent label deal at 21, Producer Focus…(aFam/Aftermath Records),
a publishing deal with Chrysalis Music Publishing in 2007, and in 2009
Rebel Made Music.  Working with such award-winning producers in the
music industry such as Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins, Jim Johnson, Wayne
Wilkins, Don Cannon, KFam, KP and Malay, and Teddy Bishop to name a
few, has really given F’Lana a real hands on experience with success
in the music industry. After 18 years in the industry, F’Lana made up
her mind, she wanted out!  She left the industry, and her publishing
deal without having a chance to place a record.

Out of the chase of a short lived selfish dream and into the fullness
of a purpose filled journey lived for God, extremely excited, F’Lana
now states, “I just want to sing for Jesus.”  In 2011, F’Lana was
selected as a finalist to premier on EMI Gospel ‘s Compilation Jawn
Murray Presents Untapped with her single 2nd Chance.  In 2016, F’Lana
also won the Unstoppable Woman Artist at the UW Conference in Atlanta
debuting her new single Unstoppable.  With a track record of
excellence behind her, F’Lana is ready to address her calling.
Surrounded by spiritual counsel and anointed musicians, F’Lana is
determined to share her testimony of deliverance and usher countless
souls into a realm of worship and freedom.

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