Born and raised in a Christian home, the grace of God has always kept me. Not until I realized I could have a close relationship with the one true God, Jesus Christ, did I find joy and peace to my troubled soul. I was always drawn to music, especially the good kind. Profound harmonies, soulful lyrics, and uniqueness in style. Until one day at the age of 15 in Puerto Rico, my wishful thinking became a reality. An afternoon of singing with friends turned into my destiny when I could “all of a sudden” sing harmoniously. I knew it was a miracle. As my whole life has been. Raised by my grandparents and loved by God, I can truly say, He is faithful. I have been honored to sing in Choirs of the University of Puerto Rico in Ponce, Nyack College, and the Jubilee Choir. Such venues have included Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the country of Venezuela.

My B.S. in Music and Education, and graduation from AMTC lie before the feet of Jesus, from whom all good things come from. Today I share this musical production with you as a testimony of how real our God is, for He is still in the business of making dreams become a reality. On Key Entertainment serves as a lighthouse in these trying times, proving that when you choose to obey God, all things are possible. So let your light shine. Yours in Christ, Chanel.

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