By Morning Star News

But it’s not quite the good news Turkish Christians have been waiting for since 2007.

The Turkish government neglected its duty to protect three Christians who were tortured and killed in 2007, a Turkish court ruled on Tuesday.

The Malatya Administrative Court has ordered the government to pay damages to the victims’ families, after ruling that the Turkish interior ministry and Malatya governor’s office ignored reliable intelligence that Turkish nationalists were targeting the three Christians days prior to their murder.

Five young men with alleged links to Turkish nationalists killed three Christians on April 18, 2007, in the office of the Zirve Publishing House in Malatya in southeastern Turkey. Ugur Yüksel, 32, and Necati Aydin, 36, both Turkish converts from Islam, and Tilmann Geske, 45, a German national, were bound, interrogated about their Christian activities, and then mutilated and killed with knives, according to court evidence.

According to several Christians close to the victims, one or more of the accused suspects cultivated relationships with the three Christians, one even going so far as to pose as a new convert to the Christian faith.

The court ordered the interior ministry to pay the families close to 1 million Turkish lira (US$333,980) in damages. Susanne Geske (Tilmann’s widow) and her three children were awarded US$105,000 for emotional distress and US$5,500 for physical harm. The remainder of the damages were awarded to Aydin’s wife and Yüksel’s father.

Susanne said Wednesday that the concept of a monetary award for the death of her husband and her children’s father is lost on her, as no amount of money will bring him back or fill their loss.

“Four hundred thousand lira for someone being killed is baffling, funny,” …