CLARĒTA has not limited herself to just being an incredible vocalist born into a well-known gospel musical family “The Haddon’s”. She has proven that her ability to write, co-produce and act is as much a part of her artistic expression as her singing! 

One fan commented, Watching her on stage is almost hypnotic!

As CLARĒTA shares I turn into someone different the moment I hit the stage”!

She understands that her life purposes can’t be denied. The gifts just seem to spill out wherever she is. Be it writing, singing, preaching, motivating, inspiring, coaching individuals to transformation, or acting.

CLARĒTA was an artist and writer with “Mr. Porter Productions”, a progressive production company headed by the well known and accomplished music producer/artist, Denaun “ Mr. Porter” Porter. (Porter is also known as “Kon Artis”, of the multi-platinum world-renowned rap group “D12”). Shortly after being signed CLARĒTA landed features on film soundtracks and albums with major heavyweight artists, proving she has what it takes to hold her own and rock and roll with the best in the industry.

CLARĒTA is now part owner of her own record label Portal Records and CEO of her own company Stage life Productions. Although her list of accomplishments continues to grow, she continues to support and collab on projects with her brother’s Deitrick, Gerald, and David Haddon.

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